Our Services



Diversified, Palmer Package, Thomson Drop, Gonstead

Myofascial Release

Graston, Active Release Therapy, Cross Friction Massage, Muscle Activation, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue


Marathon training and consulting, Running Sessions

Mckenzie method

McKenzie is a system of mechanical analysis and treatment that helps determine tolerance and preference for specific movements.  It also can help predict and recommend specific exercises based on a patient’s symptomatic response.  It also gives patients strategies to help treat themselves, and therefore prevent future episodes.



Vojta and DNS use developmental Kinesiology and markers for the basis of 'ideal movement.'  We then mimic these genetically programmed markets to develop clinical protocols that are designed to restore and stabilize ideal locomotor function.

Corrective Exercise / Training

Weight Lifting, Lifting technique, performance enhancement

Dr. Deppen took a very objective approach and helped me immeasurably. I can now sit, walk and bend forwards again. I’m getting back to my life again. Thank you so much Dr. Deppen!!
— Luke F