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Dr. Drew Deppen takes pride in the diversity of his practice.

He has worked with a wide variety of patients from Olympic medalists to the everyday active person, 90-year-olds to newborn babies, spinal cord injury patients and expecting moms.

 His goals are to use his background to coach and teach an active model of health and to allow patients to achieve their own health and fitness needs and goals.

He has a deep interest in Rehabilitation strategies, Vojta Therapy or Dynamic Neuromusclar Stabilization, McKenzie Method Protocol, Active Release Technique, Strength and Conditioning, and Applied Kinesiology.  Dr. Deppen is also the only Chiropractor in Boston Back Bay with McKenzie certification credentials.  Additionally, Dr. Deppen is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a USA Track and Field Certified Coach.  Research has proven that both chiropractic manipulation and exercise are the gold standard for spine pain. Dr. Deppen's combination of Chiropractic, McKenzie Method, and Strength Coach experience is a powerful combination for patients.

Dr. Deppen grew up in Chicago, IL.   He has a background in sports, competing in both swimming and volleyball.  While in college Drew captained the team under Coach Dexter Rodgers, a former silver medalist.

Dr. Deppen then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and graduated magna cum laude.  While learning about biomechanics and physiology at Palmer, Dr. Deppen developed a love for endurance sports: Running, Cycling, and triathlons.  Since then Dr. Deppen has completed multiple Ironman events, and every distance from 5k up through 100 mile road races.  He even earned elite amateur status as a triathlete.

As a way to couple Dr. Deppen’s love of running and desire to help out in the community, he started coaching and working with a local high school while in Chicago.  He had the pleasure to coach high school athletes in both Cross Country and Track and Field for 3 years.  





Our Services



Diversified, Palmer Package, Thomson Drop, Gonstead

Myofascial Release

Graston, Active Release Therapy, Cross Friction Massage, Muscle Activation, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue


Marathon training and consulting, Running Sessions

Mckenzie method

McKenzie is a system of mechanical analysis and treatment that helps determine tolerance and preference for specific movements.  It also can help predict and recommend specific exercises based on a patient’s symptomatic response.  It also gives patients strategies to help treat themselves, and therefore prevent future episodes.



Vojta and DNS use developmental Kinesiology and markers for the basis of 'ideal movement.'  We then mimic these genetically programmed markets to develop clinical protocols that are designed to restore and stabilize ideal locomotor function.

Corrective Exercise / Training

Weight Lifting, Lifting technique, performance enhancement

Dr. Deppen took a very objective approach and helped me immeasurably. I can now sit, walk and bend forwards again. I’m getting back to my life again. Thank you so much Dr. Deppen!!
— Luke F



We Believe


People are Whole and Plastic









RATES / INsurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Initial Evaluation 

Evaluation and treatment including discussion of diagnosis and active stradgies for self care and prevention in the future.



Follow Up Treatment

Re-evaluation and treatment including any and all adjustments, soft tissue work and exercise review




Running Session

Run with Drew, get tips on how to improve



1 Hour Training Session

Weight lifing





Satisfied Patients


Drew Deppen is an extraordinary doctor.  He not only listens to your wellness goals, he helps you to achieve them.  He doesn't dispense medicine, but rather he shares his extensive knowledge, experience, and hands on treatment.  You'll come away equipped with the tools that will truly help you feel better.  He goes above and beyond in attention, listening and kindness.  He's an inspiration and an all around great guy.  Chicago's loss is most definitely Boston's gain.  He is irreplaceable.

Cathy L

Dr. Deppen is a great chiropractor.  I've suffered from herniated discs in my lower back for many years.  Dr. Deppen was recommended to me by my trainer and from the first visit, he made me feel extremely comfortable. His approach is very holistic.  For each visit he takes the time to understand how you are feeling and then proceeds with the treatment. He sends you off with exercises which help continue the treatment after you've left the office. He is able to explain the complexities of human physiology in a way that anyone can understand and is always happy to answer any questions. If you've ever considered seeing a chiropractor, I couldn't recommend anyone more than Dr. Deppen.  I haven't felt this good in years!

Natasha P

Dr Deppen is the best Chiropractor I have ever worked with or received care from. He was the first practitioner to truly help me understand my back pain. He did manual work on my back, an adjustment and gave me exercises to follow up. His hands on approach to caring for his patients sets him apart. He is truly a geek at heart and is always learning new things. I love his Developmental Kinesiology approach.  I even recommend my best friend to him and he help her 9 month old daughter crawl correctly before she began walking with the Vojta technique. Now she is 18 mo old and climbing up slides backwards (no joke!).  Do yourself a favor and go see Dr Deppen!

Sarah L

Dr Drew Deppen is the best chiropractor/physical therapist I have been to in Boston for my back injury. I was hit by a car why caused a disc in my lower back to slip. I could not sit down or walk comfortably for 6 months during which I was being treated by 2 physical therapists which was not helpful at all and worsened the injury. Within 2 months of being treatment from Drew I could sit down and walk with lesser pain and after 5 months I can run and do all the things I used to do in the gym.

Rushabh S

I first met Dr. Drew when my teenage son was having back pain.   Drew helped him get back on the court and they went on to win their championship that year.  I asked Drew if he could teach me to run.  I knew that as a chiropractor and a runner he would be the one person who could get me there safely.  He didn't even hesitate.  He took me from an out of shape (no core muscles from 4 pregnancies) flat-footed, orthotic wearing non athlete to marathon distance in less than a year.  He not only taught me how to run correctly, but he taught me how to listen to my body and think for myself in regards to training and building miles.  It changed my life.  I actually look and feel athletic for the first time in my 45 years on this earth.  He has strengthened our whole family with his time, attention, expertise and willingness keep the sky as the ceiling.  He has the true heart of a healer and can help anyone who is willing; uncover themselves.

Michaux S



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